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Cheryl S. Morris

HSE Teacher

Hi! I am the HSE teacher in the morning and evening labs at LARA. I started out as a volunteer years ago and ended up liking it so much that I eventually went back to school for my teaching license so that I could teach as my main job. I have a background in accounting from my former job at Purdue University’s Loeb Playhouse and Elliott Hall of Music, where I worked for 13 years–three as a student and 10 as a career.

I enjoy doing something that many people find odd: I like to solve math problems and other types of problems in my spare time. I also enjoy walking, watching our neighborhood birds and squirrels, flower gardening, snuggling with my three cats, and watching movies with my husband.

My focus in the classroom is on getting people to their goals as rapidly as possible. My favorite thing to do is to tell someone that they have graduated. My second favorite thing is taking graduation pictures. I have been a part-time graduation photographer for 28 years. I have taken graduation pictures in Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, and California. Taking pictures at LARA’s graduation always gives me the most satisfaction.

1991: Volunteered at LARA (In the original building) while working full-time at Purdue University

1992: Became teacher’s aide (in new location in the old jail) while working full-time at Purdue University

1994: Became non-certified ELL teacher while working full-time at Purdue University

1999: Left Purdue University job and pursued teaching license as add-on to B.A. from Purdue, while teaching ELL in the evenings

2001 – 2006: Taught through Cary Home for Children grant in mornings at LARA. Transported students to school and back to Cary Home. Tutored public school students after classes let out Monday – Thursday.

1994 – 2008: Taught ELL in the evenings.

2006 – 2008: Taught French years 2 and 3 at Jefferson High School

2008 – 2009: Taught math prep class to ready students for Ivy Tech

2006 – Present: Teaching in morning lab through LARA

2008 – Present: Teaching in evening lab